Dr. Shane Kurth

Doctor of Chiropractic, Owner of 1 Up Media

Owner and Founder of Apex Chiropractic and 1 Up Media. A model business owner in the Torque Release Technique, Dr. Shane Kurth is exceptionally driven in the social media marketing arena. He has had the experience of learning from some of the best fortune 500 companies over the past 5 years and has decided to use his expertise in these areas, especially the social media marketing, to help grow small businesses. Dr. Shane would like to share the lessons of his success and help your business prosper though effective marketing.

Stuart Paul

Web Developer

Owner and Founder of Nrvana Digital. A graphic artist and front end web developer with 18 years in the field, Stuart Paul is passionate about empowering business owners with technology. Nrvana would like to build your website, and be your ongoing internet partner.